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Shadrack Boakye: Speaker

For over eleven years, Shadrack has captivated audiences nationwide with his compelling oratory. His mastery and expertise lies in engaging educational leaders and students, guiding them through insightful dialogues that inspire growth and transformation.

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  • Eleven years of speaking engagements across the country.

  • Shadrack is currently working on his first fiction. Houghton Harcourt Mifflin will publish his book. 

Title of Message: "It is not by chance."
(Special-ed to CEO)

  • Educational Leaders (including K-12 Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents)

  • Principals

  • Teachers

  • Elementary and High School Students.


  • 30-minutes to 1 hour depending on audience requirements.

  • Audience size: 10-10,000 


Run Time:

Shadrack Boakye: Inspiring  Presentations

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